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  • Community Outreach

    Here at Bio::Neos we believe in encouraging increased software development related education opportunities for K-12 school level children. Even though additional structured in-person programs are ideal because of the benefits of face-to-face communication in educational programs, there are a ton of free resources online that really make the barriers to learning how to code extremely low. This is important for many reasons, and we are not the only ones believe that to be true.

  • Iowa Homecoming Grand Marshal

    Buddy Lazier came to The University of Iowa this fall to serve at this year's homecoming parade grand marshal and look at what he brought with him:

  • Interesting article on Artificial Sweeteners

    I recently came across an interesting article on the effect that artificial sweeteners have on the human body. Many people, myself included, reach for a diet soda instead of a regular for supposed dietary reasons; for the taste; or simply out of habit. Considering the possible link this study has found between artificial sweeteners and glucose intolerance leading to dysbiosis, I plan to (as the article suggests) reassess my intake of these sweeteners and hopefully even cut them from my diet entirely.

  • Faux Full Width Sections (CSS)

    A relevant design trend on the web is the long scroller. Long scrollers are pages with content organized vertically, typically broken into full width sections designated by visually different backgrounds (color or images). This format supports the easiest and most ergonomic movement on a mobile device, the swipe. It works equally as well on a laptop with a touchpad, or desktop with a mouse that has a decent scrollwheel.

  • New Website!

    Welcome to our new website!

    Our previous website design survived from circa 2008 until this year (2014). As quickly as things change on the internet, that was more than a lifetime for our now retired theme (and Drupal 6 installation).