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Mike Smith

Steve Davis
December 27, 2021
2021 in Review
We have expanded our team by 25%, increased our development efforts, and focused on our values!
Steve Davis
October 15, 2021
Summer 2021 Internships
High school and college students have the chance to work collaboratively and independently on projects ranging from internal backup systems to client projects.
Our fully remote employee Jevon during our Team Talks lego build!
Ally Schmidt
October 6, 2021
Team Talks
Team Talks are monthly discussions focusing on team building, health, mental well-being, and professional development.
Steve Davis
September 15, 2021
Omnilife and BioNeos: A Great Pair
Omnilife and Bio::Neos have been working together on their communication and workflow platform since early 2019.
Ally Schmidt
September 3, 2021
Digital Wellness in the Workplace
During Team Talks we discussed digital wellness and wanted to share what we learned with you!
Two people collaboarting on work
Kody Petersen
May 26, 2021
Learn about containerization with Kody Petersen!
Someone working at a desk writing code.
Kody Petersen
April 7, 2021
The Transition from Education to Industry: Thoughts from a Junior Dev
Kody Petersen reflects on his transition from college to the workplace.
Two people collaboarting on work
Steve Davis
March 5, 2021
Time-based Data Masking with Vue.js
Learn about time-based data masking with Steve!
Illustration of people brainstorming and working together.
Steve Davis
February 3, 2021
Computer Science Education Week 2020
Our favorite week of the year but 2020 version!

Case Studies

Bio::Neos, Case Studies. Sue working with a student in therapy through the classroom clinic platform.

Classroom Clinic

Our client was focused on defining what problems her customers were facing and what she could do to address them.However, her vision of the final platform lacked a clear roadmap for implementation and adoption into the community. She needed a team to make this dream into a reality.


Infondrian has been actively developing a generalized software application to bring the benefits of their technology to all radiation therapy treatment centers. This web application would aim to increasing treatment quality of radiation oncology patients through a radiology database verification system. While the initial proof-of-concept implementation was a success, Infondrian needed help bringing the ChartAlert software up to an enterprise level of quality.

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