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Bio::Neos is proud of their successful partnerships with industry leaders in the life sciences, health care, mental health and more. Besides, have you found yourself asking the question "What have they done?" or "What platforms have they worked on?" Scroll down to learn more about the success and picture yourself there by reading Bio::Neos Case Studies below.

Bio::Neos, Case Studies. Sue working with a student in therapy through the classroom clinic platform.

Classroom Clinic

Our client was focused on defining what problems her customers were facing and what she could do to address them. However, her vision of the final platform lacked a clear roadmap for implementation and adoption into the community. She needed a team to make this dream into a reality. Once she partnered with Bio::Neos this vision started to become real.


Infondrian has been actively developing a generalized software application to bring the benefits of their technology to all radiation therapy treatment centers. The web application aims increase treatment quality of radiation oncology patients through a radiology database verification system. While the initial proof-of-concept implementation was a success, Infondrian needed help bringing the ChartAlert software up to an enterprise level of quality. Therefore they partnered with Bio::Neos to create it.

Bio::Neos Case Studies, VCMap. VCMap Logo with two DNA Helix


Doctors at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and Iowa State University (ISU) shared the desire to create a platform that would comparing genetic elements across species. The results produced by Bio::Neos allowed genomics viewers to reach QTL and annotations across species. They were able to do it at a chromosomal level with multiple map types and more options to view annotations. Additionally they were able to view QTL and private data, and selected subsets of information that most other viewers cannot accommodate.

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