Bio::Neos Provides Technical Insight for ChartAlert

Bio::Neos, Inc., a custom software consulting company based in Coralville, Iowa, provides full software design and development services to healthcare companies, life sciences researchers, and other scientific groups. With our strong history of providing our software development services for scientists throughout the nation, along with our scientific advisory board's decades of experience in bioinformatics research, our team is uniquely positioned to understand the problem space of our clients and provide the ideal software solutions to address them.

The Challenge

Starting in 2014, the Infondrian group began commercialization of their product, ChartAlert. Infondrian had been actively developing a generalized software application to bring the benefits of their technology to all radiation therapy treatment centers. This web application would aim to increase the quality of treatment to radiation oncology patients through a radiology database verification system. While the initial proof-of-concept implementation was a success, Infondrian needed help bringing the ChartAlert software up to an enterprise level of quality.

The Solution

Beginning the year of ChartAlert’s inception, Bio::Neos came alongside the team to review the design of the proof-of-concept, along with starting the implementation path to a commercially viable system delivered via a SaaS model. As initial development commenced, Bio::Neos helped to address performance issues and UI/UX elements. Throughout this process, Bio::Neos has continued to serve as a collaborator and advisor to help guide ChartAlert through its ongoing stages of development and deployment. Over time, Bio::Neos has played an increasing role in the project, including development work and development operations support as a sub-contractor on a successful Phase I SBIR grant.

The Results

Throughout the working relationship, Bio::Neos was able to provide quality input on cloud based architecture and design, analytical code reviews, and suggest precision DevOps for optimal system setup. With the Bio::Neos partnership supporting efficient operations, Infondrian has been able to grow their own software development team without having to seek large venture capital investments. By means of offering product design oversight and direction, as well as collaborative and hands-on development, Bio::Neos has helped Infondrian to quickly accelerate toward a commercially viable product in ChartAlert. The future for this product is bright, and it promises to bring safety and efficiency improvements to the field of radiation oncology, directly benefiting patient outcomes. Dr. Junyi Xia, Infondrian’s co-founder and CEO, said the following about Bio::Neos: “B::N did a great job of collaborating with our technical staff to make ChartAlert commercially viable.”

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