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  • UI College of Engineering Storer Award

    For the last three years I have been given the chance to return to my Alma Mater, the University of Iowa College of Engineering, as a guest judge for the Huber E. Storer Start-up Award. As a judge, I have gotten to see a lot of great pitches by some motivated and passionate engineers who will surely have a place in shaping our future world.

  • dev/iowa Shoutout

    This past weekend was the first Iowa City Hackathon, expertly pulled together by dev/iowa and the local tech community. I had the pleasure of quickly stopping in for a few hours on Saturday and I can say I felt the event was a great success and hope it turns into an annual occurrence.

  • Chrome's Unsafe Ports

    So apparently Chrome maintains a list of "unsafe" ports (or maybe a list of safe ones). I did not know this... and got a minor headache from it.

    I was trying to setup a new printer remotely on one of my workstations that currently is configured to allow access to CUPS only locally on port 631 (default setup). That's easy enough, I'll just use SSH's port forwarding to allow my connection to appear local to cups:

  • Denyhosts 2.6 (< 6.el5) Misses a Large Number of Attacks

    UPDATE (2015/03/09)

    There was a release of denyhosts that finally fixes this bug! (Maybe the RHEL EPEL maintenance crew read my blog post, haha). So as long as you patch through 2.6-6.el5 (or equivalent if you are running a newer version of CentOS/RHEL/etc) then you will not have this issue. Thanks EPEL team!

    Original article for reference

    So, I hesitate to call this a vulnerability, but it definitely is a critical issue.

  • Cordova Development (don't forget your cordova.js script tag!)

    Recently we have begun to create a few projects using Apache Cordova. It is a great system that has come a long way from the last time I looked into using it (when it was still "PhoneGap"). It allows you to create a cross-platform mobile app using HTML/CSS/JS, which is great for us as we have plenty of experience using web technologies. There are some limitations as to what native APIs are supported but overall there is a ton that you can do!

  • Blog post on Iowa JPEC

    We have worked with the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC) since the very beginning of Bio::Neos. In fact, as a group of 6 engineers with zero practical experience running a business, there was little chance we would still be around 10 years later without their continued support and mentorship. So when I was asked to fill a survey out for their blog, I didn't hesitate to help! Here is the article they put together:

  • Community Outreach

    Here at Bio::Neos we believe in encouraging increased software development related education opportunities for K-12 school level children. Even though additional structured in-person programs are ideal because of the benefits of face-to-face communication in educational programs, there are a ton of free resources online that really make the barriers to learning how to code extremely low. This is important for many reasons, and we are not the only ones believe that to be true.