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  • Computer Science Leadership Team

    I have an exciting announcement to note, although some of you have already seen a preview through an awkwardly-worded, auto-generated LinkedIn post that made it sound like I had suddenly moved on to a new job. Keep reading and I will explain in more detail:

  • Happy Holidays

    As 2018 draws to a close, we at Bio::Neos would like to send our warmest wishes to everyone for happiness and success in 2019!

  • STEM Career Exploration Events

    Meeting students and helping them explore possible STEM careers is something that we at Bio::Neos believe is important both for their future, and the local community. Plus, I find it really enjoyable to interact with these inquisitive young students! In the last two weeks, I had two opportunities to engage with students wanting to learn more about different career paths...

  • Internet Explorer and the Friendly Error Pages...

    Internet Explorer (and Microsoft Edge) is widely joked about as the bane of any web application developers existence. This is only somewhat true these days as Microsoft contains to make improvements to their browsers and bring them towards web standards compliance (Edge in particular has come a long way to support HTML5 features); but for those of us that have to support old versions of IE it is as true as it is today as it was nearly 10 years ago.

  • Our Commitment to the local ICR Community

    When we started Bio::Neos 14 years ago part of our company goals and values were a commitment to positive involvement with our community and providing education opportunities for students interested in technology and computer science. We have remained committed to these goals through the years, and are proud to see that other local organizations are rallying around these ideas in recent years.

  • Automatic Code Reviews with Upsource and Git

    We're a small shop here at Bio::Neos and spend a lot of our time wearing different hats. We try to make switching hats as easy as possible by finding the right tooling and environment to make us as efficient as we can be. Code reviews are a crucial part of our development process that we use to (1) ensure code quality, (2) improve our skills and (3) share knowledge between our developers, at both a project level and a professional level. But because we spend a majority of our time designing and writing software, the code review can be at times an easy part to leave out of the process.