Bio::Neos Blog

  • Computer Science Education Week 2021

    For seven years, Bio::Neos has made it a priority to get involved with Computer Science Education Week, and 2021 was no different. During the month of December, we worked hard to advance computer science education in our community in creative covid-friendly ways.

    CSed Week seeks to promote CS education to students across the country through teachers, mentors, and partners in the field. Our team is always happy to take time to inspire students to learn more about CS and celebrate others in our community doing the same.

  • The Year 2021 in Review

    A look back on 2021…

    This year was different as was 2020, but we have been resilient. We have expanded our team by 25%, increased our development efforts, and focused on our values. As we move forward into 2022 we can only continue our current efforts to improve Bio::Neos further.

  • Summer 2021 Internships

    Here at Bio::Neos we recognize the importance of hands-on learning and providing post-secondary opportunities for students in our community. Throughout our internship program, high school and college students have the chance to work both collaboratively and independently on different projects ranging from internal backup systems to client projects. Once completed, interns understand that programming careers can be fun and exciting; and gain a renewed motivation to pursue more computer science internships and job shadowing opportunities in the future.

  • Team Talks

    This fall, our team began a new initiative we named Team Talks. Team Talks are monthly discussions that focus on team building, health, mental wellbeing, and professional development. Team Talks are highly encouraged for all team members. Individually each team member reads or watches the supplementary materials. On the first Friday of each month, we have set aside 30 minutes to discuss as a team and share perspectives.

  • Omnilife and BioNeos: A Great Pair

    This fall, we are taking our relationship with Omnilife, Inc. to the next level...

    Omnilife and Bio::Neos have been working together on their communication and workflow platform since early 2019, with Bio::Neos playing a strategic consultative role as well as augmenting the internal Omnilife engineering team as needed. This fall, that relationship will be expanding!

  • Digital Wellness in the Workplace

    Have you sent a work email while in bed? When you should be, going to bed? 55% of Americans check their work email after 11:00 pm. Too many of this sounds outrageous and probably past our bedtime, but this is the new norm with the majority of the workplace being online due to the covid-19 pandemic or being a tech company. While there are countless benefits to working remotely (no commute, not sharing germs, and endless kitty or puppy cuddles) employees are feeling burnt out more than ever.

  • Containerization

    Since the inception of the Bio::Neos 16 years ago, it has provided life science researchers with custom designed software. Recently, we have spent much of our time developing web applications. For efficiency, we typically have our developers work on a local copy of the codebase instead of using the web server environment. What this really means is that we need to write a lot of portable code.

    So, what is a container and what is containerization?

  • The Transition from Education to Industry: Thoughts from a Junior Dev

    The world of software is a vast and erratic one, with constant improvements to the tools and technologies developers use everyday. In such a fluctuating field, it is no wonder that colleges and universities focus software related coursework on fundamentals such as programming languages and basic algorithms. Recent grads can then find themselves reeling upon graduating and entering the tech field, where an expansive portfolio and diverse skill-set are valued much more highly than a degree alone.

  • Time-based Data Masking with Vue.js

    Data security is an extremely important part of many of our projects at Bio::Neos. For one of our projects specifically, that data is in the form of patient information. For handling these kinds of projects, not only must we ensure that we are developing HIPAA compliant software and infrastructure, but we also are required to add safeguards against that data being leaked due to user error.