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  • Summer '22 Interns

    :Neos Summer interns pictures. From left to right. Aiden Petersen, Iowa State University. Nathan Daniels, Cornell College. Yilin Zhu, University of Iowa Ph.D. Program.
    Our 3 summer interns that made a wonderful addition to our team!

    We pride ourselves in always putting action behind our words, and this year we are once again showing our commitment to post-secondary educational opportunities with 3 summer interns!

  • Happy Pride, all the time


    June is #Pride month but we at Bio::Neos believe we have an ethical obligation to #pride all year-round. We believe in the importance of celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and creating a world where all are welcome to be who they are all year-round. Bio::Neos supports the LGBTQ+ Community through education, inclusion, and visibility.

  • Continued STEAM Education over summer

    large_Stem Cover.jpg

    This summer allows a wonderful opportunity to continue to get kids involved in STEAM. Even though classes are out for the summer doesn't mean students have to stop exploring STEAM outlets. Lucky enough there are resources both in-person and online for our students to continue to learn. Bio::Neos thought it would be helpful to compile a list for parents and students with STEAM resources both in-person and online. 

  • 2022 Spring Intern

    Spring 2022 at Bio::Neos was productive thanks to our intern, Ningjia Huang. Ningjia is a recent Computer Science graduate of Case Western University. After graduation, she spent her spring as a software development intern for Bio::Neos. Ningjia focused on a new website update and spent most of her time improving her understanding of front-end development. After her internship, I was able to chat with her to get her feedback on how her internship went and what advice she would give future interns.

  • Classroom Clinic v1.5

    Copy of 1.5 Release.jpg

    Our long-term partnership with Classroom Clinic has led us to the newest release, v1.5, on May 20th, 2022. At Bio::Neos we have been hard at work implementing updates to the user and ensuring scalability for the Classroom Clinic platform. Classroom Clinic provides rural school districts with timely and convenient access to children’s mental health services through the use of telehealth and related technologies. 

    In the newest release,

  • Computer Science Education Week 2021

    For seven years, Bio::Neos has made it a priority to get involved with Computer Science Education Week, and 2021 was no different. During the month of December, we worked hard to advance computer science education in our community in creative covid-friendly ways.

    CSed Week seeks to promote CS education to students across the country through teachers, mentors, and partners in the field. Our team is always happy to take time to inspire students to learn more about CS and celebrate others in our community doing the same.

  • The Year 2021 in Review

    A look back on 2021…

    This year was different as was 2020, but we have been resilient. We have expanded our team by 25%, increased our development efforts, and focused on our values. As we move forward into 2022 we can only continue our current efforts to improve Bio::Neos further.

  • Summer 2021 Internships

    Here at Bio::Neos we recognize the importance of hands-on learning and providing post-secondary opportunities for students in our community. Throughout our internship program, high school and college students have the chance to work both collaboratively and independently on different projects ranging from internal backup systems to client projects. Once completed, interns understand that programming careers can be fun and exciting; and gain a renewed motivation to pursue more computer science internships and job shadowing opportunities in the future.

  • Team Talks

    This fall, our team began a new initiative we named Team Talks. Team Talks are monthly discussions that focus on team building, health, mental wellbeing, and professional development. Team Talks are highly encouraged for all team members. Individually each team member reads or watches the supplementary materials. On the first Friday of each month, we have set aside 30 minutes to discuss as a team and share perspectives.

  • Omnilife and BioNeos: A Great Pair

    This fall, we are taking our relationship with Omnilife, Inc. to the next level...

    Omnilife and Bio::Neos have been working together on their communication and workflow platform since early 2019, with Bio::Neos playing a strategic consultative role as well as augmenting the internal Omnilife engineering team as needed. This fall, that relationship will be expanding!