Ally Schmidt
Behind the Code: Bio::Neos current projects with Jevon

Jevon Timmons, a scientific technology architect, has been busy at Bio::Neos. Jevon works on supporting the OmniLife Health platform as well as building a web portal for the University of Iowa Physical Therapy Graduation Questionnaire (PT-GQ). In his own words, Jevon shares insight into the projects he is currently working on. 

“OmniLife simplifies complex care pathways with purpose-built tools to support clinicians, staff, and patients in achieving optimal health outcomes in the areas of organ transplant and donation. I enjoy working on OmniLife as it aligns with my interests in helping the healthcare industry and improving people’s lives. The ability to contribute to technology that streamlines the processes of healthcare professionals in transplants around the country is rewarding. It's a bonus that I can indirectly aid the hospital from which I was born!”

“In a similarly fulfilling way, PT-GQ assists in the pipeline of physical therapists graduating. The PT-GQ web portal enables schools to participate in the PT-GQ process and benchmark their program and physical therapy graduates against their peers. I take pride in my work on  PT-GQ with the hopes that it enables Physical Therapy departments throughout the nation to improve the quality of their programs and strengthen the pipeline of Physical Therapists in this country.”

If you want to learn more about either project or how Bio::Neos has assisted them in their technology journey - send us a message. Interested in learning more about our other project work? Follow Bio::Neos to stay up to date with what we are up to!