Ally Schmidt
Why Safe Zone Training is important to Bio::Neos

Have you ever participated in or heard of Safe Zone Training? At Bio::Neos, we are Safe Zone Trained and proud of it not just because we get another sticker but due to the education we receive with being a Safe Zone Trained and Certified workplace.

Safe Zone Training is a free online resource and a course offered through the University of Iowa for the community. We participate in the training provided through the University of Iowa and invite the entire BioVentures Building Tenants to join us!

There are three classes offered that we choose to take over three weeks. Over the three weeks, we can learn new things, retain, and learn more. There is much to learn, and this course is a great foundation.

This year we are looking forward to Safe Zone Training this fall. We will be posting about it and inviting anyone who wants to join our sessions to do so!

We appreciate the University of Iowa DEI for offering this fantastic resource to the community and are happy to take advantage of it.