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Steven Davis
President and Co-Founder

Along with our scientific advisors, Mike Smith, and Brian O'Leary, I co-founded Bio::Neos in 2004 after some success in local business plan competitions. We actually originally started as a spin-off company that was going to sell a web application used by genetics researchers, but the project was eventually abandoned due to market forces that we didn't understand when we first incorporated (as we were a company of engineers). We have come a long way since that first pivot, and have found our home as software consultants specializing in custom solutions for life science researchers, especially those delivered on the web.

I have a passion for small business and entrepreneurship and as a company we try to participate in the local community events and organizations to ensure a vibrant and healthy startup ecosystem continues to thrive in eastern Iowa.

We have stayed lean and agile, and worked with projects large and small. Our scientific advisory team is highly engaged in the business as they are all co-founders as well. These qualities make us specifically suited to many different software development projects spanning a wide range of specialties. Contact us if you'd like to discuss your project!