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Kids coding

A couple weeks back, Michael and I volunteered for an event at the Coralville Library organized by Erica Binegar and called "On Your Mark! Get Set! Code!". It was a one hour class in which kids of 5th/6th graders of any ability level or previous experience were invited to the library to pair program for 1 hour under the guidance of a group of professional mentors (Including us there was Trish Ball from Continuity).


Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to see several different events that have displayed a lot of passion and enthusiasm in bringing innovative and unique ideas to reality.

Kirkwood High Tech Days

Today I was given the opportunity to speak to a roomful of about a hundred 8th through 12th graders that were interested in learning more about IT career possibilities, and get some hands-on experience with a real-world implementation of various technologies in a lab setting at the Kirkwood High Tech Guys Day. It was a great event! Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience and why I think there is a technology-related career for anyone that is interested in pursuing that route.

UIowa 2015 Commencement Shoutout

This past weekend, Bio::Neos was called out in the UI College of Liberal arts commencement speech by UI President Sally Mason. Thanks for the mention! We were pleasantly surprised to hear that our name had come up, and grateful for all of the support from the UI, JPEC, and everyone we have worked with in Iowa and Iowa City for the past eleven years.

2015 UI Commencement

Start watching at 6 minutes!

Community Outreach

Here at Bio::Neos we believe in encouraging increased software development related education opportunities for K-12 school level children. Even though additional structured in-person programs are ideal because of the benefits of face-to-face communication in educational programs, there are a ton of free resources online that really make the barriers to learning how to code extremely low. This is important for many reasons, and we are not the only ones believe that to be true.


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