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What are Scientific Technology Architects?

Transformative science amplified by intuitive technology. You’ve invested years to get to this point. You’re the expert in your field and you’ve earned the right to be heard. But, you’re a scientist, not a software developer - yet this is your baby, and you’re the only one who truly understands.
so how do you enable the science to speak for itself and bring your work to life?

Look for a process, not a solution

Stepping outside your zone of expertise can be scary. It’s likely to feel vulnerable if you don’t have the technical knowledge to judge the options on offer. You know the problem, but not the solution. Many software developers will offer solutions, but not truly understand the problem. Your project deserves to be understood. This is where it’s easy to go wrong. Projects like yours are often complex. Any company who claims to have the solution before even engaging with your work is naive. Two things tend to happen: either you end up with a constrained proposal and you have no room to maneuver, or the scope is so loose you find time and costs run away from you. Either way, you don’t get what you want - or need. The result is underwhelming and the disappointment mutual.

The truth is that it’s nearly impossible to define the perfect product at the start.

What you need is a process which allows room for learning and development. A tech company that is willing to question outcomes along the journey and work with you to get it right.

Architecting the right user experience

Collaboration is the power behind creating transformative scientific software. The journey to a successful build is a long and winding road and you’ll want to make sure you’re working with someone willing to go the distance with you. The most valuable part of this process is the knowledge gained from experience.

Why us?

A Scientific Technology Architect creates custom built platforms which represent a collaborative culmination of design, creativity, exploration and validation - bringing together IT expertise, science, a raft of innovative ideas and all the lessons learned along the way. Bio::Neos bridges the science/technology gap by bringing together a staff with solid backgrounds in the life sciences. It means our team has a genuine insight into your world, and is better able to imagine intuitive and practical solutions to fit your needs. It’s about planning a roadmap, not a destination - and having the expertise, agility, and insight to adapt the path as things unfold.

We are Bio::Neos, your Scientific Technology Architects.