Client Success

One of our core values is flexibility — not only in our process when working with clients, but also flexibility with the services we offer. This means that our Agile approach allows us to build relationships with clients in many different fields of expertise. As Scientific Technology Architects, we focus on collaborating with clients whose platform is rooted in science and backed with data. Throughout the years, this has allowed us to work with clients in life sciences, therapeutics, EdTech, and more.

A big part our definition of client success is if we are able to help clients view technology implementations as more than just a checkbox that needs to be ticked, but rather as a way to discover new opportunities to impact their users. Building and deploying technology components is part of that, but our primary focus is adding value to your company and your product. When we to be the trusted partner that focuses on your technology and allows you to focus on growing your community.

We're happy to put you in touch with current and past clients to hear about the ways we have helped them and how we work together. You can also download a Case Study to read about how we helped bring a client's new idea to fruition.

Sue Gehling

Sue Gehling. ANRP, MSN. Classroom Clinic

"It has been a pleasure working with Steve Davis and the Bio::Neos team this past year as they developed a custom software solution for my school-based telehealth business. My vision was to connect, communicate, and collaborate with schools on behalf of children with mental health struggles, and eliminate the disconnects that exist between the education and healthcare systems. The Bio::Neos team nailed it!"

Dr. Rathi Ryan

Rathi Ryan, PhD Unity Biotechnology

"Bio::Neos was always responsive to my questions and requests. Not only did Bio::Neos deliver a pipeline that satisfied our expectations but it also has proved to reduce the number of outside contractors we need - thus helping out bottom line." .