ExploreIT day

Yesterday, Bio::Neos hosted a high school career exploration day, an event organized by myself and Kirkwood Workplace Learning Connection called "ExploreIT Day". It pulled together 6 local businesses that employ workers in various different IT related roles, so that the students that were curious about IT related fields could 1) see the breadth of the roles and responsibilities of an IT professional in different environments and 2) ask questions and better inform themselves of how they could prepare for a position in an IT field.

I want to thank the participating businesses and the attending students for this event. I always enjoy speaking to younger kids about technology and the opportunities for learning that they can explore, especially those outside of their standard school curriculum that they might not otherwise hear about. This may become an annual event if the students and WLC found it useful enough to organize, so if you are interested in participating in a future version of this, please get in touch.

Participating businesses:

Thank you again everyone!

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