Preparing for CSEdWeek 2019

We've been thinking about Computer Science Education Week 2019 since March and are extremely excited about it. We hope that this will be the biggest event for the ICR.

Computer Science Education Week is held annually in December and was created in 2012. December was picked in honor of Admiral Grace Hopper who was a pioneer in computer science as well as being a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral. This year's event will be held from December 9-15th.

Last year over 180 countries participated and 220,545 individual events were registered and we'd love to see the number increase this year. Registration is open now!

There are activities for pre-reader through high school and some activities can even be done "unplugged" (without a computer) [ex] or with no internet [ex]. There is also information regarding how to support students with disabilities. Activities are available in multiple languages and for differing levels of experience with coding.

We encourage professionals and parents to contact their local school district and representatives to promote Hour of Code. Visit us on LinkedIn to learn more about our involvement with Computer Science Education Week and other ways that we help promote computer science in our local community. If you are a business or educator who would like more information about getting involved with events like Computer Science Education Week please reach out to us.

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