New Website!

Welcome to our new website!

Our previous website design survived from circa 2008 until this year (2014). As quickly as things change on the internet, that was more than a lifetime for our now retired theme (and Drupal 6 installation).

For quite some time, Mike and I have been thinking about, talking about, and avoiding doing any significant work on a new page design for Bio::Neos. After several months of successfully pushing the idea further and further on the backburner, we put our 2014 summer interns up to the task of taking on this project as one of their primary responsibilities. It was a long overdue project. Especially considering the new (and amazing) techniques available to web developers these days that we make use of on a frequent basis in the paying projects that we work for our clients, we realized we were not putting our best foot forward for the visitors to our site by not investing the time in this project. While we may not have taken advantage of everything in our collective toolbox of tricks, we did make use of a responsive design using media queries, icon fonts, and some SVG graphics, and a whole lot revisions to our previously much too verbose content.

From now, we hope to populate this blog with interesting software related topics, with an occasional sprinkling of some cool bioinformatics or scientific related articles. This will better represent what we are typically working on after all, as the majority of our projects are more software development with a little science, rather than a lot of science with a little bit of software development. To support this change, we will also be changing our quarterly newsletter into a summary list of all of the current blog posts. So look for sometime soon as well. If you haven't noticed, we haven't sent a newsletter in a year (I'm guessing you didn't miss them) but we hope to make shorter, much more frequent posts to our blog.

Please let us know what you think! Any feedback is incredibly useful, even if it is more negative than positive.

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