Kirkwood High Tech Days

Today I was given the opportunity to speak to a roomful of about a hundred 8th through 12th graders that were interested in learning more about IT career possibilities, and get some hands-on experience with a real-world implementation of various technologies in a lab setting at the Kirkwood High Tech Guys Day. It was a great event! Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience and why I think there is a technology-related career for anyone that is interested in pursuing that route. Hopefully I provided a few useful suggestions to help those students get a little closer to realizing their career focus and encouragement for them to start making connections that will enable those careers at a very early age as well.

If you are interested in seeing my slides, they are online, although they might make a ton of sense without my presentation. I'd love to do it again if anyone else has a similar event they'd like me to speak at (mainly because I really liked the way the slides turned out :] ).

Speaking at High Tech Guys Day
Speaking at the event

It's events like these that reinforce my feeling that we are doing some pretty cool things here in the Creative Corridor!

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