15th Anniversary

Happy fifteenth birthday, Bio::Neos!!

As of January this year, we have now surpassed 15 years in business! While I am extremely proud of all of the projects that we have completed, scientists that we have helped to advance their research through custom software, and connections and involvement that we have built in our local community: this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mike and I have worked hard to run Bio::Neos in a straight-forward, honest way that we felt reflected our vision and values. We kept our costs low and our effort high for our clients. We got involved in community work that we felt was important. We have been very giving with our time and skills whenever we can afford it. And we have worked extremely closely with all of our clients. So closely, that we rarely had the time left over to also work on building a team around us.

A few years back, we realized that we can do even more good if we just add one goal that we had always avoided: growth. I'm not talking about the typical over-hyped, insubstantial, short-lived growth that you often hear about in the tech industry, but something completed different. We always thought "we want to stay small". But that often translated into remaining a team of two, or at the times we had interns in the office, three or four. It worked... but we were ready for the next step.

We decided we wanted a small amount of organic, sustainable growth. We realized a motivated team of 10-15 people, with a diverse skillset, and varied interests and perspectives could potentially bring a lot more to the table for our clients. And if we can make our team an efficient one, we might even be able to pass some savings on as well. We want to be able to address larger projects, and more of them. We want to continue the great work we have done for the past fifteen years into the next fifteen years and more.

So we have been trying to make good on the growth goals we have set. It has been extremely hard, and feels like an out-of-the-box focus for us, but I believe we can do it. Better yet, I believe many people will benefit if we can find success.

In the recent years we have added three new positions and have been even more active within our local community. Our employees have contributed to our outreach efforts and enabled us to work with several new (and different types) of clients. We are learning how to make this work, and starting to get some traction towards our goals.

These 15 years have been great, but the next 15 will be even better. If you want to follow along with the ride, please follow us on LinkedIn. I hope to continue bringing you more updates and news as this journey continues.

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