Dev/Iowa Bootcamp

We at Bio::Neos believe that giving back to the community is of important which is why, I committed to be the lead instructor for the Dev/Iowa Summer Series this year. For the past 9 weeks I have been exposing our group of students to web development tools, frameworks, and best practices.

This class is organized entirely different from the traditional bootcamp, programming intensive style course. We focused on experiential learning with an individual class project idea as requirement to admission into the class, and a more approachable part-time schedule. The goal is to build a passion, not land an entry level programming job (although perhaps the latter is possible too). The course allows students to get a good grasp of all of the tools necessary to create their own projects quickly in a fun, hands-on way and to introduce them to available tools, technologies, and terms that will allow them to continue their learning on their own beyond the 9 weeks of class time.

With the end of the class having been this last week, I will be discussing the format of the class, and showing the resulting student projects at this week's 1 Million Cups here at FilmScene in Iowa City at 9:00am Wednesday, August 19 alongside a presentation by Spectator. If you have never been to a 1 Million Cups before I highly recommend it, whether it is to meet other entrepreneurs, see what is going on in the community that you are not otherwise exposed to, or to give feedback to the people presenting in a field that you may have some expertise. See you there!

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