Chrome's Unsafe Ports

So apparently Chrome maintains a list of "unsafe" ports (or maybe a list of safe ones). I did not know this... and got a minor headache from it.

I was trying to setup a new printer remotely on one of my workstations that currently is configured to allow access to CUPS only locally on port 631 (default setup). That's easy enough, I'll just use SSH's port forwarding to allow my connection to appear local to cups:

$ ssh -L 6000:localhost:631

Pull up Chrome and type localhost:6000 into the address bar and... poof... nothing!

Hmm, try a few different accounts, and few different machines, nada.

Finally: expand the Details on the error:

The webpage at http://localhost:6000/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Ah, ha!

So... in conclusion. Thank you Chrome for being so safe. No thanks for being so sneaky about it!

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