Omnilife and BioNeos: A Great Pair

This fall, we are taking our relationship with Omnilife, Inc. to the next level...

Omnilife and Bio::Neos have been working together on their communication and workflow platform since early 2019, with Bio::Neos playing a strategic consultative role as well as augmenting the internal Omnilife engineering team as needed. This fall, that relationship will be expanding!

Omnilife is the only end-to-end communication system that is built specifically to create a more connected and collaborative allotransplant ecosystem. Since 2017, Omnilife (originally named HealthTech Solutions) has developed and maintained a platform which has successfully coordinated and streamlined the organ donation process to enable additional life-saving organ transplants that would not have occurred without their technology.

In support of Omnilife's mission to maximize the gift of life, I will be taking on the role of Director of Engineering for Omnilife.

This transition will accelerate continued progression of the innovative Omnilife platform. The experience that I can bring to the Omnilife team through my years as a scientific technology architect will greatly enhance the product development process. In addition, this position will support Bio::Neos taking on a bigger role in implementation and engineering, as we expand our ongoing engagement with this amazing, mission-driven organization. We expect these changes will result in increasing success for Omnilife, so they can continue to positively impact many lives into the foreseeable future. Bio::Neos is incredibly exciting to be on this journey with the Omnilife team as together we can create a brighter future for the organ transplantation and research communities.

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