2020 in Review

2020 What a doozy! We want to pause for a moment and reflect on what the year held. The reality is that this past year had its full share of ups and especially downs for each of us. But we firmly believe that as we look back there is much to learn and much to be thankful for.

2020 started off with much anticipation of wrapping up projects for clients, building our network and starting new ventures. This all changed in March. We had to shift from working together at the BioVentures Center in Coralville to working remotely. Our team had to reimagine how to stay integrated and connected. Slack, Google Calendars, Google Meet and email all proved to be major contributors to our cohesion despite the chaos. We also had to adjust as many of our client’s abilities were shifted, thus impacting our projections. It’s been difficult. We’ve had to juggle our objectives. But throughout the process we have never lost sight of our aim to provide excellent, personalized, iterative service to each our clients to help them transform the life sciences. In a previous post we were able to highlight a process we created for one client which helped streamline their discoveries in order to save them time and money as they help to impact DNA research.

We’re thankful that we were not only able to survive this season, but ultimately thrive despite these challenges. This was exemplified by the fact that even during the pandemic, we were able to add to our team. In addition, although initially we considered scaling back the internship program we have been running since 2006 (for what would have been the first time ever), we found the right candidates and the right opportunities to move ahead. Over the summer, we had 3 interns join the team to complement our efforts: two in software and one in business development. Then, in September, we were able to expand our software team with two new entry-level developers and two new business development assistants! They have each displayed a willingness to learn, contribute and offer insight.

Amidst this season, we’ve also been thankful for our clients' successes. One prime example of success despite this environment is the Classroom Clinic startup that has found success through some of the relief funding the state of Iowa had allocated to help groups engaged in mental health related work. The Classroom Clinic founder, Sue Gehling, has been working tirelessly toward the goal of making mental health care readily available for students in rural areas and this grant funding has definitely accelerated her progress. We are excited to see how her work will better serve students across our state!

So, what lies ahead? Of course none of us know. But we are hopeful that we will be able to continue to grow our company as we provide exceptional service to each of our clients. We hope you all made it through 2020 safe and are looking forward to a better 2021 as much as we are. If we can be a part of that or if you have questions about your next project, give us a call or Contact us through our web form — we’d love to hear about where your team is going and how we might be able to help get you there! And, as always, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn - see ya there with our next post!

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