Custom Software

...from people who understand
computers and biology.

Why is custom software a good choice for your research?

Custom software will allow you to save time, money and stress. For over a decade, Bio::Neos has been developing 'bio'-related software for research labs and biotechnology companies. With custom software from Bio::Neos you will get efficient, reliable, intuitive and fast software with all the customized tools you need to analyze your data so you can focus on the results.

Do you have boring repetitive data processing you do by hand? You can rely on our software development expertise to streamline the process.

Do you have legacy systems in need of an update? We excel at providing support to modernize systems without compromising quality or robustness, and minimizing downtime. The result? A bright future of manageable maintenance costs and reduced development time to explore future research hypotheses.

Whether you know exactly what you need or just have an idea of what you want, Bio::Neos can help.

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*Minimum project commitment of $5,000 with a timeline of four weeks.

Bioinformatics analysis to help you take full
advantage of computational power.

New sequencing and analysis techniques have exponentially increased the amount of data generated by research. We have experience working with big data and can help you manage, organize, and analyze your data using the latest bioinformatics techniques. Bio::Neos provides the bioinfomatics support you need without hiring an in-house team. You will have control over how involved you want to be with the technical decisions that will affect your project while we meet your research goals.

Let our experience enhance yours. Our background in data management with relational databases, pipeline development, and high-throughput computational analysis may help provide new insight on your problems, resulting in innovative and exciting solutions.

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*Minimum project commitment of 5 hours of work ($750).


A web presence for your lab, customized
just for your research.

Modern research projects require collaboration between many researchers often located large distances apart. Technologies such as email and video conferencing enable quick communication and data sharing but they can lead to multiple sources for your project data. We can build a customized solution for you that is easy to use and flexible enough to store all of your project related data in one web based location. You will be able to easily manage your site and keep your team updated with no advanced knowledge of HTML or programming.

We will build a website for your project with standard features and custom modules. We can build modules to perform data analysis, specialized data management, data querying, and more!

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*Basic collaboration site minimum cost is $1000 with additional customization at $150 / hour.

Drupal Customization

harness the power of a full-featured CMS,
customized exactly for your needs

The Drupal platform is a full-feature Content Management System (CMS) that can quickly get anyone up and running with an easily customizable and updateable website. But to simply call it a CMS is just scratching the surface of what can be done. Drupal is extensible in a way that allows you to create your own custom functionality to achieve almost any features of a web application; data management, sharing, analysis.

We have experience from standing up full Drupal sites to creating custom themes to developing custom modules to implement a variety of functionality. If you are in need of creating a new Drupal-based website or need customization and support for an existing Drupal system, we can help.

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*Minimum project commitment of 5 hours of work ($750).